How Dry Cleaning is Done in Laundry

how dry cleaning is done in laundry

How Dry Cleaning is Done in Laundry

Dry cleaning is a process of cleaning clothes and textiles without using water. It is used for fabrics that cannot withstand the harsh conditions of a washing machine, or for those that may shrink or lose their shape when exposed to water. In a laundry, dry cleaning is a vital service that requires specialized equipment and expertise to ensure that garments are cleaned properly and efficiently. In this article, we will discuss how dry cleaning is done in a laundry.

Inspection and Sorting

Before the dry cleaning process begins, the garments are inspected for stains, tears, or any other damage that may require special attention. The clothes are then sorted based on their color, fabric, and type. This is important because different fabrics and colors may require different cleaning methods and temperatures.


After the sorting process, any stains or marks on the clothes are treated with special chemicals that break down the dirt and grease. This process is known as pretreatment and is essential to ensure that the clothes are cleaned thoroughly.

Dry Cleaning Machine

Once the pretreatment is done, the clothes are placed in a dry cleaning machine. The machine uses a solvent, usually perchloroethylene (perc), to clean the clothes. The clothes are then rotated in the machine, which allows the solvent to penetrate the fabric and dissolve any dirt or stains.


After the cleaning process is complete, the solvent is filtered to remove any impurities that may have been picked up during the cleaning process. This ensures that the solvent is clean and can be used for future cleaning cycles.


Once the clothes are removed from the dry cleaning machine, they are placed in a drying machine. The machine uses hot air to evaporate any remaining solvent from the clothes. The solvent is then collected and recycled for future use.

Pressing and Finishing

After the clothes are dry, they are pressed and finished using specialized equipment. This process helps to remove any wrinkles and restore the shape of the garment. The clothes are then inspected again to ensure that they are clean and ready to be returned to the customer.

In conclusion, dry cleaning is a specialized process that requires expertise and specialized equipment. It is an essential service in laundry that ensures that delicate fabrics and clothing are cleaned thoroughly without being damaged by water. By following the steps outlined above, a laundry can provide high-quality dry cleaning services to their customers.

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