Terms & Conditions

  1. The services provided by Busybees are subject to your compliance with and acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth below. Your use of  Busybees services (“Services”) indicates your agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions contained herein.

    The services offered and techniques used have been tested and also adjusted to ensure optimum cleaning and safety of your everyday clothing as well as to the special fabrics & garments.

    We commit to clean and provide additional services for your garments according to the professional methods practiced globally. Your entrusted articles will be treated with the greatest care and respect for the environment. We welcome your feedback at all times and will ensure it is incorporated into our system for continuous improvement when possible.

    The customer is required to provide genuine and complete details about his/her



    *contact number

    *email ID

    At the time of booking or place order for laundry and Dry cleaning

    1.Laundry item should be delivered in 48 hours

    1. Dry cleaning item should be delivered in 72 hours
    2. For free pick-up and delivery minimum order value is Rs.500
    3. For express services in laundry and Dry cleaning customer should be pay 100% extra charges for the same.
    4. we may use the pics of your clothe for promotional propose


    The customer must complete payment of the agreed upon charges on or before the completion of the Services. All payments are non-refundable.


    Busybees is not responsible for any items not listed on the Collection Slip. The Customer agrees to be bound by the content of the Collection Slip.

    Garment Care

    Busybees will use reasonable efforts to maintain a high-quality cleaning service. Busybees accepts no liability for damage due to normal cleaning of items with or without care instructions, or for dry clean only items, which are requested to be laundered by the Customer.  Busybees accepts no liability for special care items that require special attention, including dry clean only items. Busybees is not responsible for clothing bleeding, shrinking, or otherwise changing as a result of normal cleaning procedures. Busybees reserves the right to refuse to clean any garment. Busybees does not guarantee the removal of all stains. Busybees is not responsible for loss of or damage to any personal or non-cleanable items left in the clothing or laundry bags such as money, jewelry, or any other item. The customer agrees not to leave such items in their clothing or in their laundry bags. Zippers behave unpredictably while cleaning. The Customer is notified that there is a possibility of zipper issues while following normal cleaning procedures, and Busybees does not accept any liability for such issues.

    Loss or Damage

    Missing or damaged items must be reported to Busybees at the time of delivery of your garments/linen. Failure to report the missing or damaged on delivery shall remove any liability of Busybees for the missing or damaged item.

    Busybees’s liability with respect to any article damaged due to serious negligence of the company and does not apply to any rules mentioned herewith shall be compensated by paying up to six (6) times  our charge for cleaning that garment regardless of brand or condition. he compensation shall be made in form of voucher of equivalent cash value or a direct cheque payment in the customer’s account only. No cash compensations will be provided.

    In the unforeseen event of loss or misplacement of any article for which we take the responsibility, Busybees shall conduct careful examination of that particular case. Busybees’s liability with respect to any loss of article shall not exceed ten (10) times of charges for cleaning of that article as billed. Any allowance in kind is excluded.

    Busybees  is not liable for any preexisting damage to a garment or other item and reserves the right to return any item without cleaning it if any preexisting damage is found or if we have a concern about the colorfastness or the age or weakness of the fabric.

    Uncollected Items

    Safe keeping charges of Rupees 5 per article/day may be charged to customer failing to collect their article from the Busyness store within 30 days of delivery date. Busybees reserves the right to dispose of any items not collected within 30 days of the date stated on the collection slip. Busybees shall have no liability whatsoever in respect of items disposed of pursuant to this clause.

    Use of Third-Party Service Providers

    Busybees reserves the right to utilize any outsourcer, vendor, or outside service provider for any service, without notice to the customer.

    All taxes and Levies are applicable as per law.

    These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.


    Upon receiving a request, Busybees shall inform the customer about the stipulated time of pick up / delivery of articles at the registered address the customer. Person responsible for handing over the garments to the Busybees agent is expected to be available. In the event of unavailability and return, a new request has to be raised.

    Busybees shall provide the next available pick up / delivery time slot basis of factors like Location / load factor / distance /time taken to reach destination etc.

    Busybees delivery agents carry a Busybees ID card and shall provide an original Busybees Receipt (paper or digital) at your doorstep. Any garments handed over to other person without the verification of the above will not be the liability of Busybees.

    We put all efforts to respect the agreed delivery period & timelines provided. Delays do not however give any right to compensation.

    Customers are requested to examine garments at the time of delivery.

    Busybees pick up / delivery agents are trained to only provide indicative prices / delivery dates / cleaning possibilities for garment. Any detailed analysis of garment (specifically the delicate wear) will only be done by our dry clean experts at our laundry rooms. The final invoice and delivery dates with any other details will be provided only after inspection at our laundry rooms on the same day as pick up.

    All images and photographs on our online platforms are meant for illustration purposes only.

    All digitally collected payments are collected by our payment processing partner Razorpay India. Any queries and complaints with regards to digitally made payments to Busybees are subject to the Razorpay terms and conditions as mentioned on their website https://razorpay.com/terms/

    Any complaint(s) must be highlighted to the Busybees Team without delay; and at the latest in the (3) three business days after delivery of the articles and with the  presentation of original receipt (paper or digital) and the garment tags (actual) of Busybees intact.

    For any further queries and clarifications, kindly contact customercare@busybees.com