What do we offer?

Dry Clean
Let your clothes stay sturdy and shining with our effective dry cleaning.
Steam Iron
With a sturdy, safe, and ideal steam iron, give your clothes an extra edge.
Wash your clothes without hassling too much. Get your laundry done in minutes.
Shoe Cleaning

Stop wearing those dirty sneakers again and again.

Bag Cleaning

Your bag goes to many places. Shelves, racks, and takes all the dust while travelling or storing.


Clean. Don't kill

Dry cleaning is a process that involves no water to make sure that your clothes don’t lose their stiffness and shine. It is ample for garments that can not withstand the rigours of a standard home washer. This process preserves the desirable qualities of many fabrics and helps to prevent shrinking and stretching, and eliminates the need for more time-consuming hand washing.

The process at BusyBees is simpler than dry cleaning. We pick up your clothes, give you a receipt, dry clean your clothes with care, and deliver them back to you!


Give your clothes a crisp and sharp look

BusyBees offer the best-in-class industrial steam iron, and sometimes, clothes are even hand-pressed to give out the best look. Steam iron is the best solution for clothes to look crisp and sharp without causing the need for re-ironing too often. With industrial ironing tech and experts for hand-pressing, BusyBees give your clothes the best they can ever get to give you the ultimate comfort and satisfaction.

Be a sigma

Live your life to the fullest without worrying about washing clothes every weekend. With BusyBees taking care of all your laundry needs with the best-in-industry technology and trained professionals washing your clothes in a safe environment, removing just the stains, not the fabric quality, it is a happy time, isn’t it?

Working professionals, students, or busy homemakers, get freed from the hurdles of washing your clothes.

Live a little

Shoe Cleaning

No dirty feet. Never!

Stop wearing those dirty sneakers again and again. With BusyBees’ exclusive shoe cleaning service, wear a new pair of shoes every time, without actually buying one. The traditional methods like toothpaste, vinegar, or soda take a lot of time and effort, and we can’t say for sure that the stain will be gone for 100%. 

BusyBees will pick up your dirty sneakers, dismantle, wash, and rewash the shoe if needed, till we make them shine like how they used to do!

Bag Cleaning

Pack luggage, not stains.

Your bag goes to many places. Shelves, racks, and takes all the dust while travelling or storing. But the fabric and zippers make it sensitive to wash without causing any damage. That’s where BusyBees step in. Considering the bag type carefully, we decide whether to wash it in a machine or by hand. 

Ensuring damage and stain-free washing experience, BusyBees enables you to carry the bag, never the stains.